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June 14, 2013
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GEN48 :: AMAMOTO, Kei by fuicchi-nee GEN48 :: AMAMOTO, Kei by fuicchi-nee


Mango-senpai thank you for your invite way back, hope I'm not too late with this application. //crosses fingers //blushes
I made Kei, because this one is really special. Idol group is special (UTAPRIIIIII), and a male OC who can sing is really special (my genderbent side <3). Kei's name is special. I took back what I said about him getting so many self inserts because he was too stubborn to be shaped like me. //raughs
In the end, I just really, really love him and am so happy he can find a home~ And eeeehh, please do slap me since he has too much information I think LMAO.

LET'S RP! Catch me anytime I am active in RP chatroom or comment in :iconkei-48: profile and he'll reply~ :iconkei-48: Also directly speaks to you, recorded in his tumblr, be sure to check it out!
(LMAO first time I made account just for my OC---I love him so much, what can I say?)

Faces shown in the application: (left to right)
  • His confirming face when he doesn't know about a topic, which happens quite often. Hairstyle is the same as the full-colored's.

  • His face when he's just awake after deeply asleep, which is rare since he normally is a light sleeper. Instantly get on his bad side: MENTION THAT HE CRIES (he always tears up when someone else wakes him up after a deep sleep), and he'll sic you to next year and back!

  • "Like hell I'll give up now!" When he accepts a challenge, no matter how tired he is, he'll push himself over until he easily faints from exhaustion afterwards, which has actually happened more than once at the first months of practice to be an idol.

Name: AMAMOTO, Kei

Nationality: Japanese

Birthday: April 5th

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Height: 170 cm (he'll still grow around 15 cm more)

Weight: 65 kg

Nickname: Kei-kun, Keicchi (pet name by fans when mentioning him online)

Catchphrase: "I live by my own rules, and so should you.", "Tonight, I'll give you my all!"

Generation: Two

Team: E

He's down-to-earth, is not afraid to show his weak sides, and thus he comes off to his fans as someone sincere, almost not as refined as an idol should be. He most often assumes little-brother role when appearing on screen with his team, even in his late teenager body (read: even though he's not a shota). When dancing, his gloved hands' movements are hypnotizing.

+ His fans
+ Fanmade items
+ His performance gloves, with butterfly printed pattern on the right one, mimicking ARSMAGNA's Izumi Sou
+ Cosplay costumes and wigs (he's rarely seen off stage without cosplaying, unless when practicing)
+ Manga over anime
+ Covers songs and dances
+ Vocaloid songs, especially utaite cover versions (current fave: Sarishinohara, Clear ver.)
+ Seiyuu who could sing (i.e. Maeno Tomoaki, Aoi Yuuki, Tatsuhisa Suzuki, Miyano Mamoru)
+ Nico Nico Douga (his most frequented site)
+ His 5-year-apart sister, Renge
+ His close buddies (currently non-existent)
+ Specific utaite: Ryo-kun (he adores how effortless ryo-kun's singing voice sounds), among numerous other utaite
+ Specific dance group: ARSMAGNA
+ Specific singer: Yanagi Nagi

- His sister on doujinka mode who coerces him into giving her poses for her latest doujin/illustration
- MAINSTREAM fandom (a.k.a. Something that is too mainstream before he's into it, or his fandom that is too mainstream)
- Getting teased as DT (doutei/virgin)
- Fujoshi/Fudanshi who cannot see two males being buddies without slashing them together (Renge isn't like this)
- Watching anime for too long
- Getting someone wake him up
- A single random day in a month when he feels bad mood for no reason
- Long texts (he prefers talking in person)
- Strongly smelled food, like dorian fruit
- Hard boiled eggs and chicken livers

When on stage, he appears really friendly, almost a mood maker even though (he thinks) he cannot make jokes. He likes to support people, including giving back vocals in songs or cheering people up in podcasts/conversation/reality shows. He generally gets physically clingy and invades people with skinships, and cannot detect people's discomfort from that, unless being straightly told otherwise.

When off stage, he is still kind, but appears distant. He doesn't really hang out/mingle with people unless necessary, making him unable to make close friends as opposed to his many casual friends. He also automatically moves the subject when people begin to ask around about the private stuffs, like his family. The question he hates most always begin with "Why...".

With people he's close with: if the person has stronger personality, he gets clingy. If the person has weaker personality, he gets a bit sadistic. With both types, he acts more laid back and gets a bit tsundere. For example, if a stranger asks for a help, he'll give a OK as long as he can, but with close friends he will complain and nag. And yet those who are close to him can see that the complaints are half-hearted at best; it is just his way to drop all pretenses and show how much he trusts their relationship.

He normally doesn't over-think stuffs, yet can sometimes still surprise people with his (somewhat ignorant, idealistic, and yet) deep insights.

When giving comments, he can come off as arrogant due to his ignorance on many real-life topics, even though he never means them. Even when he's hurt, he cannot give enough bite in his words to spite another human being. But since he rarely gets truly mad, just a sight of him closed off and gets snarky are enough signs of how hurt he actually is and can get people around him disheartened.

Age 10: His parents got divorced. It was on good terms, but made him distrusting his father. His mother worked hard and was rarely home, making him really close to his sister. It was a hard time when he rarely talked with his school mates. To fill time, his mother offered the siblings to join some extra lessons. He chose karate and was amazed by the rhythm of human body's movements, gradually talking with other people.

Age 13: Their mother got remarried, forcing them to move to a rural area, where his mother picked up farming hobby. Renge, his 18-year old sister just graduated from high school and moved to live on her own in the city to pursue a college in Art and Design. He was forcefully separated from his karate friends, and became a hikikomori, worrying everyone around him. He also blamed his sister from leaving him.

Age 14: He had a new (half) sister, and became more closed off. After talking with his sister who returned home for summer vacation, he requested to go back to the city. His father was involved in the decision, making him officially move to his father's apartment. However, due to his distrust and the fact that his father had many girl acquaintances who made him uncomfortable, he slept over at his sister's flat way too often that he practically lived there. His sister was revealed to be very active in illustration and doujin making. When accompanying Renge to events, he came to like the attention he garnered when cosplaying, especially when he could cosplay IC(in character)ly. And thus his fanbase was slowly built. He didn't talk much with the fans at that period, though, to protect his own privacy.

That period was also where he often went to karaoke as it was his sister's favorite pastime. The siblings happened to have a natural knack for acquiring melody. From the cosplaying, he also grew a habit to give fujoshi fanservice, more or less with a support from his sister. (LOL) He grew further and further away from normal humanity (LOL) and mingled with a community of cosplayer, otaku, and fujoshi. He liked this lifestyle and thoroughly enjoyed it, but didn't actually know what to do with his future.

Age 15 until now: Generation48 became widely popular among his community due to the new anime on idols. When Oracle publicized the second generation's audition, his fanbase tweeted and blogged how they wanted to see him on stage. He knew he liked to be the center of attention to some extent, and after discussing with his sister, he decided to pursue this path towards a kind of future he might as well have.

Fun Facts about Kei!
* His stage name means "Scenery (Kei) Under the Sky (Amamoto)". His sister's name means "Lotus Flower". His real family name is never disclosed.

* He is voiced by me, hehehe. Visit his tumblr to find out more about it. However, I actually wanted his voice to be more likeMidorikawa Hikaru's.

* His academic skill is better in social, history, and language subjects. He's strong in thinking logically, but somehow is weak at mathematics, most likely due to the formulas to memorize. He's no good in remembering biology's terms, and the rest of science subject feels like passing right through his blank head. He also cannot get good scores in economy subject.

* It is rumored that he has NND account and posts him covering songs in it. However, that account isn't really popular since it never covers mainstream songs, instead pumping up new or previously unknown songs. The truth behind that account stayed as fans' speculation.

* Regarding talents, his past experiences surprisingly made him a fast learner on sing, dance, and acting. He can perfectly copy a song at the third trial, and could follow the dancing trainer's movements. He hasn't debuted yet in acting like drama series, but his cosplaying skills often appeared when he mimicked a public figure or a popular drama's main character in reality shows.

* Regarding weakness, he's very weak in things that needs creativity: making choreography, inserting harmony, improvisation in songs like screams, melodious tune, beatboxing. He looks up to his peers who can do them. He also couldn't rap, finding his trials hilarious and couldn't stop giggling, but he's steadily learning. He also has ZERO sense in lyric-making.

* He gives damn good backrubs and often randomly gives them to whomever happens to be in front of him. He'll most definitely request a return backrub though!

* Contrary to his dislikes on people who randomly slashes real life boys, he likes to give the fujoshi fangirls some service by deliberately getting clingy or saying ambiguous words to his teammates. His reason is that idols are not the same as real life people you actually know.

* He doesn't really think much about relationships, and is still in an egocentric age where he doesn't think relationship matters much. He doesn't know his sexual preferences either.

* If a fan gives him jewelry, he will return them. For him, jewelry is the most prized gift (regardless of the actual price) and can be a symbolism of possessiveness. Without doubt, he will give jewelries when giving presents to his special people. He regards perfume the same as jewelry.

:iconkei-48::iconsaysplz:"Thank you very much for reading about me this far~ I will give you my 2000% best effort!"

:iconkei-48: (c) :iconveethry:
:icongeneration48: (c) :iconmangostickyrice:
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