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May 28, 2013
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:MNG: SURYA KATAGIRI by fuicchi-nee :MNG: SURYA KATAGIRI by fuicchi-nee
UWA thank you for having me~~~ :iconshinezoomplz: Uhm, I am a personal person (?) so I may not join chatroom RP because there are so many of you and I feel overwhelmed buuuuuuut feel free to RP via comments and elsewhere! I'll try initiating RP with you interesting people too! :iconureshii-go-on-plz:

LMAO hello people. Since this is just reusing my old character and only needs a half body I figured out this one is easy. Which it was. Kinda.
Anyway, for:iconmizu-no-gakuen:

★ NAME ★ Katagiri Surya

★ AGE ★ 17

★ HEIGHT ★ 5'9"

★ WEIGHT ★ 60 kg

★ YEAR ★ Sophomore


_+_his boyfriend
_+_social events

_-_chilly wind
_-_anti-homosexual people
_-_his brother

___He is a casual high schooler who wants his days to be filled with delicious food, games, and his boyfriend. He likes to be in a center of crowd, and he thinks information is the most valuable resource to have, thus his habit and secret mission to dig for gossips, making him perfect for a newspaper club or blackmailer. Either or. However, aside from looking for the way to live peacefully in luxury, he is highly unmotivated. He doesn't like competing when he has no personal drive in it, which may make him an oddball in the school, but he is so stubborn in ensuring he doesn't compete for some reason.

___He repeated a year on middle school because of an accident which injured his knee and rendered him unable to do heavy sports. Throughout his first year on high school in a prestigious school for gentlemen, the knee began to pain him so much that the doctor said that he needed to force himself to do sports and rehabilitate his leg, recommending free-style swimming. Because he didn't feel much connection in the prestigious school he enrolled in before, he looked for a decent school with good swimming facilities. The school turned out to be another elite school especially for professional swimmers, but he gritted his teeth and applied to transfer in. Whether it was pure luck or his health reasons, he was admitted into the school.

He was brought in as a second wife's son, and he hated his father's family, especially his all too perfect older brother. Aside from that, he felt comfortable to be among a crowd, especially his buddies--- at least until the accident and he was hospitalized long enough for them not to visit him anymore, making him hard to step further from acquaintances to be friends, no matter how much he was willing for it. That was until he met his boyfriend, whom he had a long-distance relationship currently.

___His stomach is currently very flabby, like you can pinch and stretch it wide. As he isn't chubby, the thing about his stomach makes him feel utterly self conscious. Thus he can mostly be found wearing his favorite hoodie, even near the pool.
___He is always a sporty person, and swimming isn't an exception to that. In the first months he will prove to achieve a huge improvement in swimming and flattening his stomach though he still isn't motivated to be the best nor making effort for it.

Surya Katagiri (c) me
:iconmizu-no-gakuen: (c) Jaejae
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